I am thankful for loneliness.

I am thankful that when I am lonely, it is only because I have known such love and unforgettable moments with people I love and who love me. 

In the moments that I feel like I cannot possibly stand to be alone any longer, I am learning to trust and cling to the One who will never leave. I am learning that in these moments, I become stronger because I seek to understand and spend time with the only one who can fill my empty places. I am learning that I cannot rely on other people for happiness and contentment. God so wants us to spend time and get to know Him, because no matter where (in the world!) we might be, He is right there. I am realizing that when I relax and trust that I am exactly where I am meant to be, there is a peace that is overwhelming. He will never let anything that is for us, pass us by. He will never forsake me in my weakness(es), of which I have many. 

I am thankful that when I might feel lonely, I am NEVER alone.

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